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Jason Garrett Has Lost His Team


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It came down to the 3rd and 2 on I believe the second series of the 2nd half. Philly had just scored and we had the ball after two great runs by Morris at mid field. Had to have a first down there and what do they call. Line plunge left. 


Now mind you, they hadn't gained a yard going left all night. Not only that but the left side of your line is Bell and Cooper two of the worst linemen on the line. So instead of a simple roll out right or hand off right behind your all pro center and all pro guard and pro bowl tackle they get stuffed going left. The coaching is as bad as I have seen all year. That was a must have and you have to go for it on 4th there. That took the wind out of the entire stadium and team. IMO it was first down or bust on that series. But to just line plunge behind your worst side of the line made NO sense to me at all and the team had to say WTF.


Philly was in the same situation late in the forth with 3rd and 2. They rolled Wentz out right for a first down and went on to score. Dak could have done the same many times in this game as the ends were crashing down all game long or going wide.


The wheels have come off this defense and now with Hitch out with a groin the season is on the brink if no already over. We can't block at LT, we can't throw or catch the darn ball, and we can't stop the run. The injury bug has done us in and the coaching staff refuses to make adjustments that make sense. 


Horrible game to watch. Like watching my team get put in a grinder and ground into itty bitty pieces. Hard to watch. Too many rookies in the secondary and linebackers. Too little creativity on the part of the coaching staff to put them in position to win.

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