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2020 Black Sails payouts

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Here be the payouts for the 2020 season. Congrats to Th’ Champions of Th’ Black Pearl (Vic) and Th’ Dutchman (Iris). You guys had great teams and put it all together at the right time to win. 

Revenue - $960

League cost - $79.95
Trophy value Pirate King  - $26.94
Bobblin Pirate Trophy - $24.94
Balance - $828.17
.35 x 828.17 = $289.86 + $26.94 = $316.80 to Vic
*sending value of Pirate King trophy in lieu of trophy for now due to prohibitive cost to ship to Canada at the moment.
.15 x 828.17 = $124.23 to Yang
.1 x 828.17 = $82.82 to Jordan
.3 x 828.17 = $248.45 to Iris
.1 x 828.17 = $82.81 to Cap’n Dave
If you haven’t already let me know how you’d like me to send you your pieces of eight. Congrats all on making it through the season and having a little bit of fun while we were at it. I hope to see you all back in 2021.
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Payouts are complete. All have been sent out via Venmo other than Vic’s who has been sent via PayPal. Congrats again to all ye pirates!

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