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Instant Reply in College?

Kansas State 2000

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Iowa State scored the game tying (or winning if they went for 2) touchdown against Florida State on Saturday.


But the refs called Wallace out of bounds at the 2. Replays showed that it was in fact 6 points.


Now if Florida State goes undefeated and wins the NC another team that should have been in the NC game will not be there.


They are talking about instant replay now because of plays like this.


Does Instant Replay belong in college ball if it means the difference in the NC?

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I know some purists will say that bad calls are part of the game. And I know sometimes it slows the game down. I like what the NFL has done with the replay, and I say institute the exact same rules. Everyone makes mistakes, why let one decide the outcome of any game, championship or otherwise

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You guys are overlooking one big problem with replay in college - where all NFL games are equal, not all college games are.


Sure, there's 10 cameras covering everything from the goalline to the Section 228 peanut vendor at the Fiesta Bowl, but when Northwestern plays Plumber's Crack U, they're lucky to have 3 or 4 cameras.


An even and judicious application of replay is nigh impossible without a massive cash outlay from the NCAA; and I don't see that happening.


Unless you'd suggest that replay should only be used in "games that matter".

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MJK... Tool owns your soul. that is all.

Just saw them last night; Maynard made that statement and I was like "f'n A, man!", although due to the large amount of beer consumed, it's paraphrased.
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