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For everyone who is in your SB.....

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TD league


Me ... Him

Brooks vs. ATL ... K Collins @ KC

LT @ IND ... JLewis @ PIT

Edge vs. SDG ... KJones vs. CHI

CJohnson vs. NYG ... TBarber @ CIN (Flex spot)

Lelie @ TEN ... Horn vs. ATL

Heap @ PIT ... Porter @ KC

Carney vs. ATL ... Vandy vs. SD


The last weeks both opponents laid eggs to get me into the SB.

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My team first


Super Bowl #1

Seed #4 Seed #2

Houston Gamblers (7-7) A (10-4)

QB B. Volek/Collins QB D. McNabb

WR J. Horn WR T. Owens

WR D. Jackson WR E. Kennison

WR T. Houshmandzadeh/Boldin WR J. Galloway

RB E. James RB C. Martin

RB D. McAllister RB W. McGahee

TE A. Crumpler TE A. Gates

K D. Akers K S. Graham

DEF Philadelphia DEF Pittsburgh


Super Bowl #2

Seed #2 Seed #4

Houston Generals (9-5) N (7-6-1)

QB Volek/Collins QB McNabb

WR Horn WR C. Johnson

WR Lelie WR Harrison

WR Porter WR Muhammad

RB Alexander RB L. Tomlinson

RB Dillion RB J. Jones

TE Heap TE Shockey

K Stover K Kasay

DEF Carolina DEF Tampa Bay


Super Bowl #3

Seed #3 Seed #1

Houston Hammerheads (9-5) O (11-3)

QB Volek/Collins QB Culpepper

WR Horn WR Moss

WR Kennison WR Harrison

WR Evans/Wayne WR Burleson

RB La. Johnson RB Pittman

RB K. Jones RB Westbrook

TE Heap TE Kinney

K Vanderjagt K Janikowski

DEF Philadelphia DEF Denver


Super Bowl #4

Seed #1 Seed #2

Houston Destroyers (11-3) C (9-5)

QB Volek/Collins QB Manning

WR Horn WR Wayne

WR Kennison WR Porter

WR Jackson WR Holt

RB James RB J. Jones

RB Dillion RB R. Johnson

TE Gates TE Gonzalez

K Lindell K Reed

DEF Philadelphia DEF Atlanta


So far so good....


but I am 0-8 in Super Bowls. :D:D

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