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New England Half Way To Pittsburgh

Donutrun Jellies

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I think with a win over the Eagles -- which I think they can manage -- New England begins to lay claim to being a dynasty ... the question is, what kind?


Will they be a "Dallas dynasty lite" of 3 in 4 ... or, is their current 2 in 3 half way to a Pittsburghesque 4 in 6 -- the makings of a true dynasty? (Yes, I'll never shut up about the 70s ... even if we ever do win anything again!!!)


Regardless, congrats all you Patriot fans -- everybody from Czarina and Msaint all the way down to, well, yep, gotta say it, even the Ugly Tuna. Congrats. Pats fans deserve to dance for a day -- and then settle down and help focus all that energy on beating Philly. I'm rooting for NE in that one.


In tribute, I offer the Patriots one dancing banana ...



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