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Dynasty league rookie draft

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Dynasty league, auction format but due to expansion to 12 teams the rooks went in two rounds for set prices this year. It's down to the 24th pick, and I have to either pass, or make a selection. I wanted to grab Jacobs (giants RB) but the guy in front of me tabbed him. Little help, please?


My roster:


Roethlisburger, Rivers


Portis, T Jones, Goings, A-train, Davenpoop, LJ, Fason (taken in rook draft), Pearman (taken in rook draft)


CJ, Porter, Caldwell, R Williams (Jax), Colbert, McDonald (StL - I'm considering dropping if he doesn't get much play in preseason)




The other rookies gone are:

Smith, McPherson


"Big-4" RB's, Jacobs, Shelton, Gore, Claurette,


Williamson, Reggie Brown, Clayton, Williams, Edwards, M Jones, Roddy White


Miller & Smith at TE


Like I said, I can pass the pick. For a $1 bid with a 3-year contract though, I thought I might as well take a shot if I thought someone was worth it. I was all set to get Jacobs (I think Tiki's huge carry year might give him an injury-plagued season) but the bastage in front of me...


Anyway, Rogers is available at QB, but I'm not sold on him (and I don't think that's what my team needs since I would still need to get another QB at the regular draft and that would force me to carry 4 unless I drop Rivers, which I don't want to do). And TE isn't really a consideration since Smith and Miller are gone.


At RB, Barber in Dallas is available, and could prove huge if Julius can't hold up to a full season's pounding. Other considerations at RB are Moats or Morency (the rest, IMO, don't have much chance of seeing the field this year unless they have a Carolina-like happening with their respective teams, which is awful freakin' unlikely). I have plenty of cap room ($100 w/$260 total) and plan on going hard after Jamal Lewis or Ahman who should be available also.


Since rookie WR production is typically as much or more dependent on opportunity as anything, I've really thought hard about one of the rooks at TN. The durability of Calico and Bennett hasn't been the greatest, and that team is rebuilding, so they seem like the most likely candidates (of what's left) to see serious time (but which one???). I've also considered Gibson in Pittsburgh, but I doubt he beats Randle-el or Wilson for playing time barring an injury.


If anyone wants to see, The Huddle's draft by postion is here. Sorry for the long post and thanks for taking the time.


Edit to add: I think we're adding an IR slot this year, and if so, the TE in BUF might be back on the board. I'd have to find out for sure though.

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What about Roscoe Parrish in Buffalo. I have heard that he is having a great Off-Season of Workouts.


Chris Henry of Cincy has lost the attitude that dropped him out of the first round and landed him with the Bengals. He is a solid pickup, he will be the number two behind CJ in no time.


There is also Aaron Rogers in GB this would be a long term pick, but how much longer can Bret Favre play?


I work at OSU and I am not sold on Morency being an NFL back, of the backs I like Barber in Dallas and Cedrik Houston in NYJ.

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Parrish was a consideration, but I don't see him going any higher than the #3 barring injury, and even if he gets to two, they have essentially a rookie QB in Losman. Thorpe might be an option, can anyone tell me his bio?


I already have Rivers stashed, and I really don't think Rogers is NFL talent (see Tim Couch). If I were to go QB, I'd probably take Campbell.


I really like Barber, especially if Jones gets hurt again. A-train is an NFL backup, IMO. Anyone else got opinions?

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