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Should I make any moves?

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Hey guys...I've been trying to trade for a little bit in my league but haven't had any luck so far. I'm not sure if I even need to trade though and who I should get rid of. Here is my roster, anyone have any ideas for what moves I could make?

We start 2Qbs, 3 RBs, 4 WRs, 1 TE, DST, K, PaTDs worth 5 and Ru or RETDs worth 6....



Trent Green

Ahman Green




Jimmy Smith

Michael Clayton


Dallas Clark


Jeff Reed

Bench: Michael Bennett, Quentin Griffin, Dominic Rhodes, Alex Smith, Roethlisberger, Deion Branch, Samie Parker, Bubba Franks


I've had a good amount of people express interest in Michael Bennett and somone also wants Mike Clayton or Jimmy Smith. The guy who wants Clayton or Smith and Bennett has these people that interest me: McAlister, Vick, Rudi Johnson...Someone else really wants Bennett, he even told me he is desperate. The only people I like that he has are: Roy Williams, Portis, Domanic Davis. any advice on anyone in particular I should move or try to deal for?

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What pops out at me is the fact that you own seven Colt players plus their Def! Granted they're good players for the most part but the week 8 bye is going to hurt & you'll be living & dying with them all year. A team in my league loaded up on PHIL players last year & it really bit them when T.O went down & PHILLY rested players towards the end of the year (fantasy playoffs)! Just something to keep in mind.


Otherwise being your league starts 3 rb's I'd say the value of any back who is the clear starter is HUGE! Bennett has potential but he's often hurt & the Vikings are always switching backs. If you could upgrade to someone a little more reliable that would be a good move. However I doubt you'll be able to get someone like McAlister or Davis staright up for him so you'll need to sweeten the deal. His value may be much higher once the season begins & owners realize that their "sleeper" or veteran backs are going to be riding the pine. So it may be wise to talk him up during the preseason than trade him early on in the season (before he hets injured)!


Another suggestion would be to shop around Roethlisberger. With all the hype from last year he tends to be overated fantasy wise. You might be able to get a steal for him. I'd also look to get a better receiver for that 4th spot. Considering injuries & bye weeks you might find yourself a little thin in that spot once the season gets rolling. An extra few points here & there can make a world of difference during the course of a season.

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I agree - that looks awfully Colts loaded. You look to be set at RB as far as starters and as long as you don't have 2 byes the same week Griffin is a decent backup.


I also doubt that you are going to get more than an average RB for Bennett - why would someone trade to get a lower rated RB? What you can get is an average backup RB and an upgrade at WR. I like a swap that gives you Roy Williams for Bennett. If you need to make an even positional trade I would give Bennett and Stokly or Kennison depending on what RB he has.


From what I have seen these are the trades that can make your team. Bennett is a fringe player at this point until proven otherwise. Minnesota has had to replace him due to injuries almost every year. He has the potential, but if you can get a starting receiver who is the #1 option on their team for him - I would do it in a minute.

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What do you think about if I were to trade Bennett for Ronnie Brown and a decent WR such as Derrick Mason or maybe TJ Houshmanzadeh. Or I could try offering Bennett and a decent WR like Stokley, Branch, or Kennison for Ronnie Brown and Darrell Jackson? I honestly doubt the second idea would happen but I'd say the first one has a good chance. The only problem is that it would be somewhat pointless for me to get Mason because he would never start over Stokley or Kennison except on a couple bye weeks.

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God I want in your league. You asked for advice before, and while I don't mind giving it, I don't think you need any.


You have the best QB in the league and another top 5 QB.

You have the best RB in the league and another top 5 RB.


That alone should spell Super Bowl.


Then you have decent enough WR, Ahaman, and a deep bench.


If someone is your league is dumb enough to give you Rudi and Brown for Ahman, I guess you might as well. Or I would just try to package Bennet and a WR to upgrade to a top WR. Like Bennet and Clayton for Chad Johnson?


Also, I would start Branch over Stokely, but that's just me.

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Should I trade away Bennett, Branch (But I could try making it Stokley), and the Colts DST for the Steelers DST and Roy Williams? Only reason I don't like that is because I wouldn't have a backup RB for my bye weeks.


Its a 10 team keeper league and last year I traded away every decent person on my team so I could end up keeping LT, Edge, Jamal Lewis (Traded him eventually), and Peyton. And about how you say I don't need any help, my team is good enough, I'm not so sure because in the league there are pretty much 3-4 really good teams and all the rest suck. The person I beat in the playoffs last year has this team which I think is pretty good:



Steven Jackson

Kevin Jones

Fred Taylor

Reche Caldwell







Bench: Buckhalter, Clarett, Davenport , Stephen Davis, M Faulk, T Henry, J McCareins



Another team that kinda sucked last year, but this year I think might be pretty good is:



Shaun Alexander










Bench: Grossman, Warner, Thomas Jones, Gardner, Randle El, Troupe, Jaguars DST

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