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Soup Nazi Update

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I like to share my Soup Nazi emails with you.




From: "Larry Thomas" <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

To: "soupnazi" <>

Subject: Larry Thomas on Arrested Development

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2006 17:53:29 -0800


Hi all. Hope everyone had good holidays. The episode of Arrested Development I did in December may be airing Monday, January 9th (this Monday). The production office says it’s on schedule that night to be one of two episodes that will air back to back starting at 8pm (I don’t know which spot it will be in). Unfortunately the TV guides have two episodes of House on instead. I haven’t been able to get Fox programming to return my calls so I’m not sure it will be on. It’s what ever local station that plays the Fox network. I hope after sending this it will be on. If they do show it it’s the episode where the Bluth brothers go to Iraq. Look for the group of Saddam Hussein look a likes. As usual, thanks for the support. I hope if Fox cancels the series another network picks it up (ABC and Showtime are talking about it). This is the link to the website:









Edit: The bolded part is sort of sad/funny...

Edited by Puddy

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I'm German-Irish but not a nazi...

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Did Fox tell him "No soup for you!" :D

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