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I'm in a 12 team keeper league where you can keep any two players as long as you want.  I traded away a few draft picks last year for this years draft, so there is a decent chance this year will be a down year for me.  Because of this, when it comes to picking my keepers I'm looking more for 2020 and beyond instead of focusing on value for just this year.  It's a .5 ppr where you start 2 rbs, 2rbs, 1 te and 1 flex.   I have a few great keeper options, I'm hoping to keep my two best options and ship around the rest.  

Here are my keeper options, which two would you say are my best options.    David Johnson, James Conner, Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown and Travis Kelce.


I'm leaning towards Beckham and Kelce.  DJ and Conner probably have higher ADPs for this year, but RBs have much shorter shelf lives and don't know how long they'll stay up there.  Plus I think Beckham is going to have a big couple of upcoming years and Kelce gives me the tight top end for the upcoming future.

Who would you guys keep?

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I am in a standard 10 team league with 2 keepers. My options are as follows RB - Todd Gurley, Damien Williams, Derrick Henry. WR - Mike Evans, AJ Green, Cooper Kupp. I am leaning Gurley and Mike Evans, but I think Damien Williams might be good as well in KC offense?


What do you think?

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