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Boy are they going to be sore ...

Grits and Shins

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Tonight I show up for sparring class and there are no big boys there for me to play with. I was kinda tired so it was no big deal I would just kick back and watch my daughter spar.


No go, the master decided he had some place else to be and I would get to teach the class in his place. I teach on occassion but mostly don't make a habit of it because either I want to work out or I am off at one of my kids activities.


Class was a mixture of students from 13 years old to 50+ years old, and a mixture of yellow belts to black (2 black belts - both 13 years old).


Typically the lower belts struggle to relax when they spar and that means they use up a lot of energy in each match. Most instructors run 1 minute to 1:30 minute rounds.


So whenever I teach sparring I typically bump up the time ... tonight I decided to bump up the rounds to 2:00 minutes each and push them hard. I used to do 4 mintue rounds, but their aren't very many students, especially lower belts, that cn take that. Made them do 2 minute rounds for half an hour. Then we dropped to 1 minute rounds for another 20 minutes. The last 10 minutes I made them do 30 second bursts ... giving me everything they had left.


They all dragged their asses out of there ... bet not one of them shows up for the Saturday class.



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