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Computer (security) question

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Got a brand spanking new slick laptop pc.


It connects to my wireless network just fine (I'm using my laptop now).


Couple questions I was hoping you could help me with:


1) At set up time I set up user accounts for myself, my wife and my kids. I set myself up with admin priviledges and set the other 3 up with limited accounts. Now when my wife logs on she can access the internet fine but anything that requires a userid and password is failing. So she can't access her yahoo mail account. I have looked and looked but can't seem to find the setting that will allow her to access her yahoo account. Surely I can set up a limited account and allow access to password protected websites.


2) I am having some difficulty sharing an external hard drive and a printer. Both are already shared between the PC in my room and my daughter's PC (wirelessly). But I can't seem to find them from my laptop?


Any ideas?

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i'm assuming you have XP?


if so, running your network setup wizard will allow you to access your home network files, if not then rerun and make sure you enter the EXACT same network name as the other 2 pcs are running on. default "MsHome"


First question is, if not running WindowsXP or 2000 then the OS may have problems when determine a "limited" useraccount. No reason for anyone not to access any id-password websites imo though, maybe check and may sure cookies are enabled and Temp Internet files have memory set above 10mb to be able to store the info.

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And just to be on the safe side, make sur ethat your wife is typing in the correct password. Always start at the simplest and work out.

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