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Keeper with a twist


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10 team keeper league. Starting Line up 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 ST/D Standard Performance Scoring (RB's are King)


We can keep a player for up to 3 years. AND we can keep one player per year for a 4th "Franchise" year.


Can keep only 2 players per position plus one practice squad player regardless of position.


Tough year as I have a bunch of players that need to go back into the draft. Here are my choices...number of years of service at the start of this year are in ( )r (ie 2 years means they were drafted last year and 4 means I have to franchise to keep)


NO penalty or bonus for keeping players. Extra picks at end of draft if you keep less than max.


RB Alexander (2) Foster (2), A Smith (2), Parker (2)


QB E Manning (1) Plummer (3)


WR Driver (2), M Jones (2), Kennison (2),


TE Winslow (PS)


Franchise one of the following Dillon, Holt, Brady, Gonzalez, McMichael


I am leaning towards


Eli Manning




Holt (franchise player)

Winslow (practice squad)


Could also keep Plummer (QB), Tynes (k), Reed (k), or Colts ST/D


I will try and trade Dillon and Brady to teams that don't have a franchise player.

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looks to me like you are on the right track. if (2) means you drafted them last year, then what does the (1) stand for by manning? regardless, you are making the right choices.



Sorry, should have explained that. I started Brady last year with Plummer as my backup. Eli was on my Practice squad the last two years so his clock never started. He really has 0 years but I plan on activateing him this year.

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Think its a good move...Dillon SAYS he is motivated for this year, but other side of 31....Maroney taking high...can see him grabbing some carries...good luck



My thoughts too. I am not sure Parker will be all that but I would rather take a chance on Holt vs Dillon. Plus Parker is a better 2nd back than Kennison or Jones would be a 2nd WR.


My thought was to have a stud at each key postion. E Manning, Alexander, and Holt. :D

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