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FAIREST Scoring system?

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In a league that starts 1 QB, 2 RB's, and 3 WR's--


Which do you think is the fairest way to score points--so that one position isn't weighted more than another?


6 pts. Rushing TD; 3 pts Passing and Receiving TD (QB gets 1 pt/25 yds passing; RB's & WR's get 1 pt/10 yds rushing/receiving)




6 pts. Rushing TD; 4 pts. Passing and Receiving TD (QB gets 1 pt/25 yds passing; RB's & WR's get 1 pt/10 yds rushing/receiving)




Some other combination--like QB getting 1 pt/20 yds passing?

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yeah, I agree...


..Our scoring system is 6 pts for whoever crosses the goal line...qb..receiver...back..Defense......3 pts for Passing td.....1 pt every 25 yards rushing/receiving; 1 pt every 50 yards passing....one thing I wish we had but we don't is pts for 'receptions'.......Also we don't penalize if a QB throws INT......


So far, works fairly well......been doing it for 12 years, minor tweaks here and there..


good luck

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We actually had this question come up in my league this year. The commissioner reduced a passing TD from 6 points down to 4, to balance out the scoring between positions and make the QB less dominant.


I agree with Jake, a 4-point TD is just weird, but I have to admit the commish had a point too. Basically, it was no fun having the first 10 picks of the draft all be QB's, especially when you have the 11th pick :P


By the way, we used the spreadhseet from www.draftwiz.com to compare different scoring systems before we voted on it. Very handy, although we had to pay for it :D

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One of my leagues is somewhat similar with distance of the play figuring into the scoring. For draft prep, I've always had to make a lot of judgement calls about the offensive playcalling and the skill player's speed to modify standard performance rankings.


How do you approach draft prep with this type of scoring system where scoring on TD's is distance dependent?

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If everyone is playing by the same rules for scoreing and it is known before the draft - it is fair. I do not see how you can say one is fairer than another under those conditions.


Now if one is more fun to play under is another question. Plus some try to equall out positions so Rb or QB is not a very dominate position.


I enjoy for fun 6 point = td running or recieving, passing td = 4 points and 1 point per reception. no bonuses for lenght of run, pass or receptions.

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