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Running Back Dilemma --> Will Help You (Leave Link)


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So here are my choices. Need to start 2. Playoffs are on line, I win I am in and I lose I am done.


Scoring is as follows: 1 point for every 10 yards rush/rec and 6-9 points for TDs depending how many yards they are.


TJ @ St. Lou: Good match-up, TJ should be able to have a decent game even with Benson cutting more and more into carries, goal line steals are also a concern.


KJ vs. Minn: Don't like the match-up. Minny shuts down RBs period. Can KJ make it up in receiving yardage? Last week he was shut down in the running game but had a big receiving game to make up for it. KJ seems 100 healthy.



McGahee @ NYJ: A great match-up and a history of McGahee running wild against them. My concern is McGahee's injury. Even if he does play he could be less effective or worse yet tweak the ankle and leave the game. He was in a boot all week and barely practiced which scares me a bit



So my dilemma I can change line-up up t gametime. I could do a few things. One good thing is I have a late start and Monday night game for TJ which lets me wait for news and evaluate how my game is going.


1) Start KJ then make the call at 4pm on TJ or McGahee

2) Not start KJ start TJ then make the call on McGahee or ATrain if McGahee is inactive at 4pm, also could plug Muhammad in instead if it looks like McGahee will be limited and sharing carriesw/ ATrain





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Were all 3 healthy, TJ/Willis would be my picks ... since you don't get PPR, KJs matchup is a good enough reason to sit him today.


But, since Willis is "iffy", I think you have to start TJ/KJ & hope for the best ... only way that I'd risk using Willis if if you think you need to gamble on him having a big day to win your FF game ... if middle of the road production from KJ is all that you expect to need, he looks to be the safer play. FWIW:


• 09DEC06 Buffalo News on Willis McGahee: Bills RB McGahee was able to practice Friday on his sprained ankle. McGahee had missed practice both Wednesday and Thursday. He remains questionable for Sunday's game but it appears he's going to play.

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