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Dumbest WDIS ? ever, or not?


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Ok so I am in a 32 team league. Obviously in a 32 teams league, you are going to suck at some positions. TE is one of my sucky positions. Royal, BUF and Miller, NOS. Scoring system for TEs is 6 pts TD, 1 per 10 yards and .5 per reception. So, tour first reaction is who cares, they are both crappy options, right? However, consider that my opponent this week (2nd round of play-offs) and I ended the regular season with Total Points of 1,808.85 and 1,807.80. That 1.05 difference cost me a first round bye. So the difference between 2 points and 5 points from my TE, just might matter.


Royal - BUF does not utilize their TE. Royal has 15 receptions and 127 yards in 12 games played. He did have a TD last week, his only one of the year. The big argument for Royal is that he will start the game.


Miller - NOS uses there TE a little more than BUF, NOS TE have a total of 31 receptions and 257 yards, with 1 TD. Also, I think that DAL could be vulnerable to the TE. Problem of course is that Miller does not start.


Does anyone have any keen insight into this, that might get me an extra point or 2?


BUF is a late game, and NOS is tonight, so I have time to change.

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Miller seems to be getting at least a few passes tossed his way each week, and may actually get you a couple of points ... give him a shot?



I went with Royal and he gave me 13 yards, 2 Rec, and a TD! 9.3 Points, second best production I have had from a TE all years. Week five Conwell gave we 2 Rec, 1 TD and 14 yards.

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