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Disappointing as a Homer

Bring Back Pat!!!

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OK. First off, those that know me hopefully don't lump me in with other assorted blind homers. I feel I've been fair in answering any questions or making any comments on the Pats. So please, spare me the 'I love to see a Pat's homer mad' comments. U.T. I'm not.


For the third time in the past six weeks, I'm lead to the same conclusion following a Pat's loss. The Patriots were outcoached. Badly. Period.


After the Colts loss, I wondered how the Pat's didn't come out and pound the ball down the throats of the Charmin-soft Colts run defense. The Colts were coming off a game they won despite giving up 220+ yards rushing to Den, and the Pats had decent success running in the first half. But yet, almost as if to say, "They think we're going to run, so we're going to pass" the Pats all but abandoned the run in the second half.


Then there was the home loss to the Jets. More stupid mistakes than bad coaching, but I still left that game wondering, "Why can't we just once run the ball 30 or even 40 times with two above average backs?" Both Dillon and Maroney were running very well in that game, but still, the run game was abandonded.


And that brings me to yesterday's debacle. A different gripe, but a legit coaching complaint. All week long we read in the papers that the Pats coaching staff thought that Jason Taylor was the best player in the AFC, and that he should be D POY, etc, etc. All valid comments that very few people would argue too much with. So what do the Pats do? They decide that Matt freaking Light will handle him one on one! Yeah, there was an occasional chip from a back, or maybe once or twice he got help from Mankins, but for the most part, he was left alone. And Taylor personally ruined Tom Brady's day. He was in the backfield all day. But yet the coaching staff did nothing to stop it. Didn't adapt, did change the game plan. I mean, what's the easiest way to slow down and outside speed rusher? Call draw plays and screens to his side of the field. I didn't see one of those all day. The coaches just sat there watching Brady and the O-line get their butt's kicked.


I was in the camp of people who felt that losing both Coordinators this season could be overcome. Good players, and other good coaches, and this team would be ok. I was wrong. There is no way Charlie Weis lets this team get beat like that yesterday. Not saying they would have won, but at half time he would have made the changes necessary, and you would not have heard from Taylor in the second half. There seems to be an air of arrogance that the Pats are saying, "This is who we are, and this is what we're going to do, and it's up to you to beat us." Now, that's fine when you have superior talent, just ask the offenses of Indy and SD and in years past Den. But the thing I've always loved most about the Pats, is you always knew they were going to, first, find the other team's defensive weakness and exploit it, and second, do something to your offensive team to make them beat you in a way their not comfortable with. This team is doing neither of those things right now.


Because of the division they play in, they're in the playoffs. But I don't see this team beating anybody. As it stands now, we'd see either Jax or Cin, and trust me, either one right now would beat this team pretty handily. One and done unless the coaching staff starts doing some of the things that has made this team great in the past.


A dejected Pats fan.


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Ok, I get it. Things could always be worse. True. Just frustrating when the coaches don't put the players and the team in the best position to win. Some of you homers know this, unfortunately.


As do I. I was watching the Pats when Dick McPherson was coaching. :D And Pete Carroll. :bash: And Rod Rust :D

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