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Brady or Hasselbeck for all the marbles!


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Man...that's a tough call. It would be easier to make if Darrell Jackson didn't get injured this week. Hass will still have options, but with Jackson out, it will be more difficult for him, especially coming back from an injury. He's been streaky since his return. I would hope that he'll have 2 good weeks in a row. I might have to start him as well since Roethlisberger is facing Carolina, and Grossman is....well...it doesn't matter who Grossman is facing. He could sh$% the bed at any time.


Brady against Houston baffles me. In previous season, you would think that this one is a no-brainer.


I would look at how the opposing defenses rank in pass defense first, then look at what the vegas total is on each of those games. The Vegas total might help you determine who is the best guy to start. If you are looking at totals with over 40+, then you know they expect a high scoring game.


Plus....the weather could always turn for the worse up in Foxboro. That could also affect Brady's performance.


If you were to look at a 'weapons availabe' standpoint, I'd probably have to go with Hasselbeck. He simply has more guys to throw to. I don't necessarily think that Brady is a bad start against Houston, but I believe that the Seahawks are steadily starting to improve their play once again, and the Patriots have been slacking.

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