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1st Round bye and then everone gets hurt....WDIS WR?


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Well i had the first round by and then most of my players go and get banged up...wonderful. Here is what im toying with:


QB Brady

RB Duece, FTaylor,

WR Caldwell, RoyW, ??

OP Sammy Morris

TE Watson??

K Gould



My issue lies in the #3 WR spot who would you start?


(I do get pts for KR/PR yards (1 pt for 25 yards)


Burleson vs SF

Hackett vs SF

Muhammad vs TB

Jennings vs DET


Back up TE is Stevens so i will wait and see what happends with Watson

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This is a tough call. I think I'd go with Muhammad, here's some thoughts behind it...


1 -- Burleson and Hackett are both behind Branch (and probably comparable to Engram) in the Seahawks pecking order. With the horrible winds forecast for tonight and the fact that even with DJax out there's a lot of guys sharing one ball, I'd sit them both. Hackett's had a couple of good games lately, but that's when defenses had to focus on DJax and Branch.


2 -- Muhammad is clearly the most talented of this group. He DOES have to share receptions with Berrian, and doesn't have the greatest QB, but I think he'll still get catches. Cedric Benson will probably get more PT than Thomas Jones this week, and I don't think Cedric is as good a receiver, which should help Muhammad. And of the Seahawks, Packers, and Bears the Bears actually face the toughest rush defense this week, which means they are more likely to have to pass.


3 -- Jennings has been inconsistent, and Driver has been the guy getting all the catches. The one thing to consider is if Driver's hurt (listed as questionable right now; he's been probably a lot but always plays). IF Driver is out and Jennings becomes Favre's go-to guy, he's got a decent upside. BUT he hasn't done anything the last 2 months.


I would go with Muhammad.


And thanks for answering mine (You already did!)

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Thanks JFM,


I always consider Muhammad first each week, but i get nervous of Grossman beacuse i just think they would be better off with Griese there. I do agree with you about Hackett and Burleson, the reason i picked up Burleson on my roster is because he does do KR/PR which i get pts for (1 pts for 25 yards). However, between the two i like Hackett the best but Burleson offers a slight upside with returns. I do really like Jennings, but i agree he hasn't shown anything since those first couple of weeks.


Here is the way i will play it.... put Muhammad in and then if Driver is out i will swap in Jennings. Do the rest of you think that is a good idea or should i throw Burleson in before tonight???

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I don't think I'd use Burleson -- I did consider him because of return yards, but it's not like he's Devin Hester. And I figure with tonight's winds, going in one direction all the punts will be blowing away from him and he's liable to let them drop; in the other direction they'll go over his head...


I'm also not sure if I'd use Jenning over Muhammad if Driver's out (even though I'm the one who suggested it)!!

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