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More info for WDIS?


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Thanks to all you the folks who answered my other post; I'm still on the fence about two spots (this

is out of 4 teams, so it's not too bad). I have some more detail this time...


#1 -- WDIS at QB -- Matt Hasselbeck vs. the 49'ers or Jon Kitna at the Packers. Both guys have good matchups. I know that Hasselbeck seems like the obvious choice, but the combination of Darrell Jackson being out and the horrible weather forecast for Seattle tonight makes him much more of a risk. I figure Kitna will be throwing early and often against the Packers; Seattle may just run all night. Most folks in my earlier post recommended Hasselbeck, but I'm not sure how many considered the weather.


#2 -- WDIS at TE -- Jeremy Shockey vs. the Eagles or Alge Crumpler vs. the Cowboys? Both are obviously stud TE's. On paper, Crumpler's got a better matchup, BUT with Dunn and Norwood out I'm not sure if it's a plus or a minus.


To make things more confusing, the league I'm asking this for has a 2-week playoff, and I'm down a LOT of points after last week -- because of this, I'm more likely to gamble on the guy with the big upside and not go with the "safe" play. I'd rather gamble on "maybe" getting 110 yards and a couple of TD's (and risking a zero) than to play it safe with a guy who will give me 40 yards or a TD. Who do you guys think is more likely to explode for a big game?

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