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RB question -- WDIS and pick up?


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OK, here we go -- standard league, no PPR. I start 1 RB and 1 RB/WR (who is almost always an RB); AND I can carry a maximum of 6 RB's on my roster.


Right now I have Stephen Jackson, Chester Taylor, Maurice-Jones Drew, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson, and

Joseph Addai. I'm starting SJax for sure this week, and then whoever is healthier of Chester or Mojo. IF I manage to advance, and everyone is healthy, Chester and Ronnie have great matchups the last 2 weeks, so I'd probably juggle them and SJax.


Sammy Morris is still available (not sure why!) in this league -- should I pick him up and start him this week ahead of Chester or Maurice? If so, who do I cut? I'm thinking the obvious cut is Addai.


Here's the interesting part -- my playoff opponent has 5 RB's -- Warrick Dunn (hurt!), Thomas Jones (hurt!), Deangleo Williams, Justin Fargas, and Reggie Bush. He's currently got Bush and Fargas in his lineup. I expect him to figure out that he's better off picking up and starting Sammy, so ME picking him up would be a nice defensive move too. BUT if I cut Addai, I'm sure my opponent will pick HIM up and start him against me.


So what do you think -- should I pick up Sammy? Should I start him ahead of Mojo and Chester? And who should I drop?


See -- something a little more interesting than a boring old WDIS? !!!! Thanks!

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Too bad you don't have an IR in your league, then this wouldn't be a question.


My advice is to keep Addai. Morris may do half-decent but so do the rest of your options.


Play Chester if he starts, Mojo if he doesn't.

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So you guys don't think it's worth picking up Sammy to keep him away from my opponent? With the guys I have, assuming some of them get healthy (?), I would never start Addai anyway, so in the long run it shouldn't affect me much. But if the guy I'm playing this week picks up Sammy, I think that's a big upgrade for him (from Fargas to Sammy).


And if Chester doesn't play, you really think Mojo Drew is a better than Morris?

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I would definitely pickup Morris to keep your oponent from getting him. I think Morris will have a decent day. Why let your opponent get those points, you know he'll pick him up before the weeks end.


Last year I got beat in the playoffs, because my opponent did exactly that, picked up the last RB to start, so that I couldn't get at him. Lost by a few points and would have won if I could have put that player in. I cursed him and his tactics, but you know it worked. Good play



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Thanks -- as it turns out, if I cut Benson and pick up Sammy, Benson immediately becomes available (I don't want to get into the reasons), and I think the other guy would grab him (since he has T. Jones). So I just picked up Sammy and cut Joseph Addai. Sunday morning I can try and get Addai on waivers (I'm ahead of my opponent on the claim list) and cut Benson then -- I think that keeps them both from my opponent. And if somebody else gets Addai, that doesnt bother me too much.


I usually plan lineups and pickups 2-3 weeks ahead, so this "do it now" mentality in the playoffs has my head spinning.

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