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Remember this Classics like Enter the Dragon?


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Man this brings back memories!! I remember waking up Saturday mornings to watch Black Belt Theatre. It played on the local TV channel in LA, not sure if it played anywhere else. This is a pretty good collection of video clips from some of the all-time greats in martial arts movies video clips of classic martial arts films


I don’t know but I tend to be bias towards the older movies. The look and sound is unique and unmistakable. Some of the newer movies nowadays don’t seem to have the same affect…you watch them and you are entertained and you soon forget.


I am a bit of a purest when it comes to my martial arts. Not sure about Kung Fu Hustle being part of this list, and Karate Kid is borderline for me, especially if you are in the company of Enter the Dragon, Hero and The Drunken Master. IMHO, Karate Kid and Kung-Fu Hustle are great movies in their own right, but not in the same league. And I would liked to have seen both One Upon A Time in China and the all-time classic Master of The Flying Guilatine (I went through the first 10 clips and did not see it).

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