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Opinions on a "radical" auction strategy


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I'm going into tonight's $100 auction holding Frank Gore at $7 (for the next two years) and Vince Young at $1 for this season. I have spent just $8 going in to the draft, and have arguably at top 3 RB and a serviceable QB - realizing both have possible downside this season. Using The Huddle auction value list, Gore is a $32 value. Looking at it from a value perspective, I have $25 of "extra" value due to hitting a home run with my $7 bid last season on him.


Other top holdovers in the league are Addai, Rudi Johnson, Larry Johnson, Portis, Reg. Bush, Maroney, and Steve Smith & Chad Johnson.


Would it be crazy to use the $25 of "extra value" to try to overbid on one of the remaining top backs or possibly two top WR's this season? I can carry over one more player at the signing value of this season into next. Generally I try to draft for value and be a smart shopper. This league does have a couple of guys that will bid an unlimited amount to get someone like LT or Manning, especially considering who is gone.


Since I have Gore locked up at $7 for two years, I could try to make a big run for the next two years with the addition of LT or S. Jax, and keep them. I'd still have enough to backfill with some good players later. But it will probably take a crazy bid to make it happen.


Opinions? Should I go for it for a two year run? Or should I cherry pick two or three other nice players, or maybe grab the top kicker and defense by overbidding there a little bit? I feel like i need to try something impactful, since I was fortunate last year.

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While depth is nice the bottom line is that players on the bench are not contributing to your weekly scoring. That means you do your best to fill your starting lineup with the best players possible. Clearly in dynastly leagues future value is also considered. In addition if you are always planning now for the future that makes it hard to win in the now.


So now you have to decide if the starters you can field are better when you go top heavy on one or two players or if you spread your money out amoung more quality players albeit they are of lesser quality than guys like SJax or LT. I've seen it work both ways In auction leagues the other owners in the league have a much larger impact on how successful your strategy to get any single player.

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Follow up, FWIW...I went after S-Jax and spent $40 out of my $100 cap to get him, leaving me with him and Frank Gore at $47 out of my $100 to run. Looking for other players that are capable of big days and being difference makers, I grabbed McNabb, the duo of Foster and Williams at RB to back up the big two, and a bunch of interchangeable receiver/TEs to play with each week : Tony Gonzalez, Kellen Winslow Jr., and some possibles at WR: Santonio Holmes, Joey Galloway, Vincent Jackson and Bernard Berrian. Grabbed arguably the 2nd best kicker in Wilkens and the Panthers D on the cheap to fill out the team.


Sorry to take up so much space, but maybe the whole roster outlook will help others in their upcoming auctions/drafts. Any thoughts about the big two idea? Still some good guys available after you move, and I could/should have gone harder at a better WR in the deal. Thanks.

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