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Quick run down. 12 team, one keeper league. Standard scoring, starting 1 Qb, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, and 1 DEF.


My keeper is Rudi Johnson and I have the number one pick. Top 6 RB are gone and I have the number one pick. Top running back available are, Maroney, Bush, and Henry. Payton Manning is also available. What do you guys think I should do with the first pick? I can't decide if I should go with a solid RB or the top QB. Thoughts?? Thanks.

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Who are the "top 6 RBs"? Are Parker/Westbrook still available? Is this a PPR league?


Personally I would go with Bush. If this is PPR then Bush is a no-brainer IMO. If Parker and/or Westbrook are available then I might change my opinion.


LT,GORE, Alexander, LJ, Addai, Parker, and Westbrook where all kept


It's not a PPR league. Standard scoring.



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I think Maroney would be the safe pick, but Manning is looking tempting I can only assume.


I'd also assume that guys like Benson, Jacobs, etc. are still available?


You'll have to go RB just because it'd be safe, you don't want to take the chance on Peyton at 1st overall and wait till 24th overall to find out that there are no more RB you can take.


Of the available I'd go Maroney just because Denver is known to mix it up at RB and as we all know Bush is committeed with McAllister.

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My bad. That would be a now brainer. He's also been kept. Anyone else? Payton or Moroney......



Besides Payton retired years ago and has since passed.


If you meant Peyton, then no. No QBs in the 1st unless you are keeping LT

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