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"Offensive Player" position


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We dropped from 12 to 10 teams this year, so to keep the talent pool somewhat balanced we increased roster sizes and

starting lineups -- we go QB-RB-RB/WR-WR-WR-TE-PK-DEF-OP (offensive wild card). I've pretty much always tried to

use an RB in my RB/WR slot when I have a good one, but am not sure about where a backup QB would fit in the mix.


Roster is in signature -- for this week, I'm thinking Andre Johnson as my "offensive player"; but would it make more sense

to go with Fred Taylor (a third RB) or even someone like Delhomme? My gut says go with a QB when he has a good

matchup, otherwise stick with RB or WR.

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Thanks -- standard scoring, no PPR. Yeah, I guess you're right -- I'll ignore the position

and just look at points, figure it could be different every week. That would tell me to

start the QB, I guess.


I may end up going with the highly scientific "which game am I most likely to be watching"

method of picking my last starter...

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In the league I play in RB and QB are the highest scoring positions. But there are 24 starting RB and only 12 starting QB that are required to be playing in a game. Couple that with the fact that there are some RB who share carries and you are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel when you put a third RB in your wild card spot. Most QBs don't share and most teams start multiple WR so the talent pool that you have left to pick from at the QB and WR spots is better than the RB spot in most leagues. That would cause me to look at starting a QB or WR in that spot. That's not to say a RB couldn't be the best player, but I would guess that more often than not it would be better to start a QB or WR in the spot.


Good luck (from another Jet Fan)

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