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Fantasy football losing its appeal this year


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i think this year has been a challenge and i like it that way....

even with the #1 pick, who hasnt performed like a #1 pick of recent years,

i've been challenged at WR and i lost Duece...


yeh, i'm 5-0, but each week i feel like i could lose going into the weekend...

i pay a hell of alot more attention to the match ups each week (fun)

make moves to keep players from other teams (fun)

study, study, study stats of opposing teams and my teams (fun).


the one thing i do notice is the apathy that the original poster states...

owners are quickly bummed out when their 'studs' go down or don't perform

up to expectations.....imo, they'r not real FF players.

TRYING is half the fun....winning don't hurt, but the strategy is a learning experience.


I Love This Game!

uh, yeh, i love that game too...and FF.

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I echo a few sentiments on here already - some very well said. We all know that everyone gets into FF for different reasons and some take it much more seriously than others. This is the way in just about every kind of 'game', whether beer league softball or monopoly and everything in between. However, as someone earlier stated, this year is hearkening back to the way it was a bit over a decade ago when there weren't as many 'studs' and you had first rounds where there were 4 QBs, 4 RBs and 4 WRs taken, not 12 straight RBs. While it is always more fun to win, FF mirrors the real NFL in a way...I'm pretty sure SD, NO and Chicago didn't expect their seasons to start out how they have, just like I'm sure many didn't see Houston, Detroit and Arizona being as competitive as they've been...parity? Maybe...better for the fan, or FF owner? straight shooting.


As someone else posted, a good fantasy owner wins his league in the last half of the draft...and that holds true in years like this as well as years where the studs produce and stay healthy. Right now, in most of the leagues I'm in, the guy at 1-4 is in many cases only 2 games out of first...meaning more owners are going to stay 'active' for longer into the season...because we all know and have disdain for the owner who starts 0-X or 1-X and gives up, quits putting in the lineup, tries trading everything away, or just dissapears...this kind of year discourages that on merit!


So, bottom line...I think it is excellent...and even though half my teams are suffering and the other half are strong...I'm having a blast having to wait for Monday's game to finish to find out if I've won or lost.

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