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Blockbuster trade with Romo / Moss

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Ok, the guy with Moss has put him on the block and is looking for a top QB. I'm in a standard performance scoring league, and QB's get 4 pts per TD. Rushing / receiving = 6


Trade offer on the table is:

My offer: Romo, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Chambers, Kenny Watson

His offer: Randy Moss, Bulger, Julius Jones, and Kenton Keith


My new team would be: (Starters in bold)

QB: Schaub & Bulger (bulg would ride pine till he re-establishes himself, and Schaub is avg's 14 pts per week)

RB: Westbrook, Portis, Betts, Julius Jones, Kenton Keith (will use Keith as trade bait for Buckhalter as that owner has Addai)

WR: Randy Moss, TJ Housh, Marvin Harrison, Wes Welker, Muhsin M

Others: TE-King, PK - Stover, Def - KC/Seattle


Lynch was already riding the pine for me as well as chambers and Watson, so I'm making a serious upgrade at WR, will still have a servicable QB, and two solid RB's with both their backups.


Should I take this trade???? Part of me thinks this is a slam dunk, but I'm hesitant for some reason!!!


Need opinions............:D

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I would not do this deal. If you take the "trash" out of the deal, you are really trading Romo and Lynch for Moss and Bulger...or....a top 5 WR and a broken down QB for a top 5QB and a top 12 RB. My opinion is that a top 12 RB is always worth more than a top 5 WR - they put up more consistent points - and your other RBS are Westy and Portis, two guys that can't stay healthy.


I would be more inclined to keep Lynch and put Portis in this deal if I was dead set on making this deal. At least you keep your one healthy back and help minimize your lineup risk.


You are making a huge leap of faith that Bulger will return to form this year. I would not want my season resting in Bulgers hands. My advice is to look for a lower level deal that let's you keep Romo, you really need him, and acquire a third receiver by moving one of your RBs in a straight up deal. While you might now get R.Moss, you will also not get crushed waiting for Bulger to turn it around.


pls see my post.

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I'd actually pull the tirgger.


The only real value you are giving up is Lynch, and I'm not sold on what his true value is going forward. He plays behind a rookie QB, and on a team that will be playing from well behind on most days. Romo, as are most QBs, is inherently replaceable...Schaub will be more than serviceable, and may be your starter even after Bulger returns.


But adding Moss to your WR corp is a goldmine. Unless NE, for some reason, decides to stop throwing the ball, he will continue to put up 5-7 catches/80-100 yds/TD average every week....WRs are "a dime a dozen", WRs that produce this much are not.


Pull the trigger...if it doesn't pan out, you can always trade Moss later for a decent RB2, and all you'll have lost is Romo (who I think may have some difficult days ahead, expecially if other teams replicate the Buffalo blueprint of taking away Witten, and forcing Romo to force the balls into covered WRs)

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