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I am so tempted to pull the trigger and dump Benson


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I give C.Benson and Plax Burress

I get R.Moss + Selvin Young


Selvin Young (while no more than a lottery ticket right now) is a four year keeper player. All others in this deal are redrafted next season. My team today:


QB: Brady


RB2: Peterson


WR: Plax

FLEX: KJones or Benson

TE: Gates

K: Folk

DST: Pats


Bench: Chris Brown, Mike Bell, Mike Turner, Calvin Johnson, James Jones, Vernon Davis


Randy Moss is an upgrade over Plax and he eliminates the injury risk I face with Plax' ankle. I give up Benson for this slight upgrade but gain the upside of Selvin if Henry is suspended. If Selvin gets the job and keeps it, I have struck gold, as I can keep him for the next four years.


Your thoughts? I am paying too steep a price to acquire Moss? Is the incremental improvement at WR not worth the downgrade in RB depth? I am concerned most about this issue.



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I'd do it. Sounds like KJ is well on his way back to a clean bill of health and he could end up outperforming Benson anyway. Young is a risk, but I don't think the NFL messes up too many drug tests. Henry might be able to drag this thing out a little bit, but I think Young will get a chance as the #1 in Denver sooner than later.

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Getting Moss is a nice upgrade, especially with Brady. Moss was quiet this week but he had some quiet weeks in Minny during his rookie year when he gathered 16 tuddy's. Benson has been frustrating me and I think your still solid at RB with LT & Pete. However, Benson carried for 27 times Sun. night and it may be a matter of time before he cranks it up. He looked, at time, real strong but then went back to falling over on first hit.


If it were me, depending on who you have for a flex, I would stand pat. If you have another average flex guy I may pull the trigger.

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I think I'd actually do this deal considering you can keep Young. Three things you need to consider, though:


1. How long Travis Henry manages to push back the start of his suspension

2. Denver Center Tom Nalen is out for the season with a torn bicep

3. Any running back associated with Mike Shenanihan terrifies me


Until Selvin Young starts to play you're frighteningly thin in your Flex spot, although Calvin Johnson is back and might get you some good production.

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I am hearing reports that it may take five weeks before Henry's case makes its way through the entire appeal process. I am not sure I want to wait that long for Selvin Young and rely on two injured Lions as my flex players - KJ and CJohnson.


Other thoughts?

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