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I have one keeper spot left on my roster and must protect one of the following players. Standard scoring, all tds 6 pts and 1 ppr. These are either handcuffs, flex/bye week start or maybe future starter due to injury.


C Taylor - 8th round, can be kept 3 years and number 1 handcuff in the league probably

F Taylor - 8th round, Maroney has done nothing. Morris cant stay healthy so Taylor could be productive

R Mendanhall - 8th round, could be goalline vulture or starter if Willie gets hurt

C Henry - 12th round and we dod start 3 WR's. So far he has played great in the preseason and Palmer has been praising him.


Nothing flashy here but who would you keep?

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I'd like to know who your other keepers are before I could make a real recommendation...but for me it comes down to Taylor or Chris Henry.


I'm convinced that Maroney, while not done and will play out the year in the Pat's jersey, is pretty much a useless comodity in fantasy football. Fred looked decent last night, got first team reps, and I think could be a nice sleeper this year.


Chris Henry has ridiculous talent and I think the Bengals will throw the ball enough that Ocho Cinco/Henry/Coles are all good plays this year so long as Carson Palmer can stay healthy.


Ultimately I'd guess you could pick up Taylor after the 8th round in any case....Henry will probably be there at 12 but at least your not costing yourself an earlier pick.


Best of Luck,


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