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Drafting Strategy....


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12 team keeper league, starting lineup: QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, Flex, TE, K, DEF, standard scoring (no PPR).....I get the 5th overall pick in the draft


Keeper Rules: can not keep anyone drafted in the first 3 rounds....

keep any 2 players drafted in rounds 4 - 9....

keep 1 player drafted in the 10th round or later (including FA pick ups)


My Keepers: Chris Johnson, Steve Slaton & Kurt Warner


Obviously...I'm starting with a decent group....with the 5th overall pick this year, I'm trying to decide whether my first pick should be RB or WR


here's my thinking:


Option A: Draft RB first. All the top RBs will be available. Chances are, I'd end up with someone like LT, Forte, SJax or someone in that neighborhood (assuming AP, MJD, & Turner all go in the top 4).


Besides my two RB keepers, the other RBs being kept are PThomas, FJones, DSproles, THightower and LWashington. I'm thinking....if I go RB first, I'd be starting 3 strong RBs every single week....by far, the strongest corp in the league. Seeing this, the rest of the league will start drafting RBs .... and that run on RBs will leave some great WRs available for me to choose from when I pick again 15 spots later.


There are some solid WRs being kept: Calvin Johnson, BMarshall, GJennings, LEvans and AGonzales....but only 2 (possibly 3) of those guys are considered top 20 WRs. So with this option I'd go RB-WR-WR and end up with at least 1 top 10 WR.


Option b: Draft WR first. Assuming the first 4 guys go RB, I could pick a LFitzgerald, RMoss or AJohnson with my first pick and guarantee an elite WR on my roster. Assuming the next 14 picks will mostly be RBs with a WR here and there and possibly someone choosing Brees or Brady....I'd choose RB with my second pick and get someone in the neighborhood of BJacobs, BWestbrook, KSmith, RBrown or RGrant. That would still give me a solid RB corp, and elite WR and I'd either pick up another WR with my 3rd pick or choose JWitten at TE (AGates, TGonzales, DClark and GOlsen are all being kept).....Witten being probably the biggest difference maker on the board.



I feel like I could do very well with either of these options. I've been mulling it over for weeks now....I'm just wondering if anyone out there sees something that I'm completely overlooking. I just don't want to get to the end of the draft and think, "DAMMIT!!!! Why didn't I think about that???"


Any insight is helpful and much appreciated.


Thanks guys.


btw...the QBs being kept (besides Warner) are: JCutler, EManning, PRivers, ARodgers, MRyan, MShaub, and KOrten.

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