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Need Some Trade Advice

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I'm in a 10 team standard H2H scoring league. This is one of my teams, and I think I had a bad draft, and I'm trying to make it better. There is another owner in my league who is interested in Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, and Pierre Thomas.



QB Peyton Manning

RB Adrian Peterson

RB Willis McGahee

RB Pierre Thomas


WR Wes Welker

TE Owen Daniels

D Ravens

K Gostkowski



Jay Cutler

Santonio Holmes

Ted Ginn Jr.

Jeremy Maclin

Donnie Avery

Chester Taylor

Ricky Williams


I'm starting 3 RB's and only 2 WR. I have 4 WR's on my bench, so I could package Peyton Manning, Willis McGahee Wes Welker, and one of my bench WR's for a stud RB, good WR, and maybe a better bench RB or back up QB. Any advice is appreciated. Below is the guy's team that is interested in Manning, Welker, and Pierre Thomas.


QB Tony Romo

RB Steve Slaton

RB Frank Gore

RB Clinton Portis

WR Anquan Boldin

WR Tory Holt

TE Jason Witten

D Steelers

K Neil Rakers



Carson Palmer

Earnest Graham

Rashard Mendenhall

James Davis

Jamal Lewis

Brandon Marshall

Giants D

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PPR League? Lineup Requirements?


Realistically Slaton, Gore and boldin are the only guys of his that would improve your lineup. Yes, you wantot get McGahee out of thelineup as he is likely not even starting, so figure it is actually Holmes or Ginn in your lineup.


If you are set on making a move, and he really wants Manning, I would offer up Manning and Ginn for Palmer and Slaton or Gore, whichever you prefer. It improves your starting lineup and strengthens your RBs, and you have two upside QBs in Palmer and Cutler still rostered.

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