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Week 1


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Yeah, I know it technically started earlier in the week, but we've got a solid slate of games today. Of course, I'm watching my Gophers versus the 'Cuse... not a good start for QB Greg Paulus. First snap sails eight feet over his head... MN recovers and scores 19 seconds into the game. Then, Syracuse just about returns the kickoff for a TD... almost 14 points in 30 seconds. :wacko:


Other games I am looking forward to:


- ND vs. Nevada - Always interesting to see how the Irish look. Will they disappoint once again, or are they a legit top-25 team? I know one thing for sure... better not sleep on the Wolfpack. :D


- Oklahoma State vs. Georgia - Good B12/SEC matchup to get the season started. Interested to see if either team can improve their consistency, after last season.


- Illinois/Missouri - Missouri needs to prove that they're a perennial contender, now that they've lost Daniel, Maclin, Coffman, etc. Illinois should be solid this year, though... should be a good game.


- 'Bama vs. VTech - Another great matchup for week 1.


- Cal vs. Maryland - The Terps are big-time underdogs this year, after beating the Bears last season... will be interesting to see if Maryland can keep it somewhat close or not. There is a lot of talk in the Bay that Cal is set to make a Pac-10 run and head to the Rose Bowl this year... They are looking forward to facing USC, with the freshman QB, in four weeks (@ CAL).


- Colorado vs. CSU - At least there is SOME football to watch this Sunday... at it's a rivalry game at that.


- FSU vs. Miami - Same goes for Monday... not to mention Rutgers/Cincinnati.


Lots of other big-time programs kick off this weekend, but against lesser opponents... PSU, OSU, Michigan, USC, Clemson, Nebraska, OU, Texas, Wisconsin, LSU... A couple of others that I'm interested in are Tennessee (let's see if Lane Kiffin can put his money where his mouth is), and WSU vs. Stanford. Stanford crushed the Cougars 58-0 last season, so we will see if WSU is improved at all, or if they're still the laughingstock of the Pac-10 once again. Same goes for Washington-LSU... Much tougher opponent for the Huskies, but today should tell us if they're improved or not from last season. Not saying they'll compete to actually win the game, but if they can keep it relatively close, that would be a good sign for Washington.

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