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A show of futility...


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Maybe OAK? Nope, they were bad at 13-31 ... but, they weren't the worst.


Or perhaps DET? While going 0-16 last season sure would seem they'd fare well in this little test, they're cumulative W/L over the period was only 16-28.


St. Louis has been pretty sorry. What about them? Well, 12-32 just isn't bad enough.









...so, which team has had a reason to smile in the locker room the least often over the last 44 regular season and preseason games?
















The grand champion of futility over the past 44 regular season and preseason games is the KC Chiefs ... at a whopping 8-36. A full four games worse than the 2nd worst team over the period.



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preseason wins and loses mean squat, seriously

I agree, but by the same token looking pathetic in both the regular AND pre-seasons means can mean a couple seriously disturbing things, IMO:


- you have no depth on the roster; your front line is inferior to theirs, and so are your 2nd and 3rd stringers


- your coaches have NO idea as to how to prepare even the most basic gameplan

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Plus, no matter when it happens winning feels better than losing.


The Chiefs have felt bad more often than any other team in the NFL ... by a wide margin (1/3 fewer wins than the team the next rung up ... 8 v 12) ...

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