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AJ for (my) Simms-Walker and Boldin...


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I like the offer since Daniels is ou for Houston, but am i giving up to much? I know that it would leave me thin at WR incase of an injury, but I am thinking bout it.... :wacko:


Whats your thoughts?


thanks in advance i will help with yours...

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Honestly, I don't think your giving up to much. Skywalker is extremely erratic and Boldin hasn't done anything all year. He could come back on fire, but I think that is a risk worth taking for such a high value player such as AJ.


Please see mine. http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=307935

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The trade was canceled before i could except it. He said he didnt want to do it anymore..But whatever... So after a couple mes back and forth here is what has came out of it...


AJ Harvin or Jennings (my choice) and portis/betts for T. Jones Walker and Boldin


Tell me what ya think

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I would potentially do that. Although you are losing quite a bit at RB. Major upgrade for you at WR but I would avoid Jennings. RR isnt as good in a non PPR. Overall I think it makes you better though.



Hey thanks for the advice bro! Yea i wish the league was PPR. Then i prob wouldn't be 5-5 :wacko:


def need do something tho...need to make the playoffs and only 2 games back right now, but i'm 2nd to last in points.. going against 1st and 3rd place team the next 2 weeks so we'll see... but yea ima prob except it and see what happens


thanks again tho

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hey guys thank you for the advice! I have actually decided not to take it tho. After looking at it on paper and breaking doen each person. It just doen't seem like that great of a trade for some reason. I really like AJ and all, but i dont think I like him enough to give up a (in my eyes) great starting RB2 and 2 potetially very good wrs for on stud and a couple up and downers. The main reason that i have decided it is because he siad he would only trade Jennings and not Harvin(i didn't want Jennings) and i think i would be left to thin going into the playoffs with a portis/betts package that doesn't look all that good to me moving forward. At any rate thank you again guys. Appriciate the advice as always

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