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MNF coverage on the radio


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OK, so I drove home from work last night about midway through the 2nd quarter so was listening to the game during the drive home. I must have missed the punt return TD walking to my car because they were already talking about it. Or, at least one of them was talking about it. Mike Irvin was pretty much stammering. It was astounding. I forget what 5-word sentence he was trying to get out, but it took him like 4 or 5 tries to spit it out.


Then, the cracker jack insight. Down by 13 pts, with like 10 minutes to go in the half, "Now the Dallas linemen can just pin their ears back and go after the QB, but the Giants have no choice but to pass."


I remember thinking, "What the hell?" If they get a TD here, they're down by 6 with more than half to go. Hardly desperation time. Needless to say I found it rather amusing that they ran it for the first 3-4 plays before throwing it long once. Next thing you know...


But mostly it was Irvin. I actually don't mind him all that much when he's in his element, playing grab-ass on the pre-game show. But stick that guy in the booth and have him do color? Not a freaking chance. Epic failure.

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I don't even like Irvin on pre-game. For him the only players on the field are the wide receivers, nobody else matters in football. Also if you ask him he has never been wrong about anything ... his ego probably wouldn't fit in Jerry World.

Don't get me wrong, I don't actually enjoy his act in general, I can just tolerate it a bit more when he was one of a few guys yucking it up. I've often thought it odd when guys got so worked up about the announcing. Like the legions of guys who just despised Kornhole or Miller. But Irvin actually wanted to make me wish I could listen to the game with the sound off.

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Heard the same part and assumed it was under two minutes...when I learned it wasn't :wacko:


Co-worker of mine drive into work when the game is on and we LOVE kinda mockingly how uber descriptive Kevin HArlin is.


Soooo much info he crams into the play by play. Loves the phrase "two handed catch" "outside the hasmarks" and we must always know that the "Giants, moving left to right, break the huddle, wearing grey pants, blue spamshirts, blue helmets. WR's to the left and right, backs in the I, Dallas with 3 down lineman, play clock at 10, Manning barks the signals and on and on.


Irvin is not the regular color guy.

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