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Schtick It To Sepsis


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Friend of my wife's started a website/fundraiser event(http://www.schtickittosepsis.org/ ) & needs help w/funding, sponsorships & getting the word out. My wife's friend's mother passed away in 2014 from septic shock due to sepsis and that's what is fueling her with this project.


If you want to help by donating to Schtick It To Sepsis here's the link: https://donate.sepsisalliance.org/checkout/donation?eid=44718


At a minimum, if you can help to spread the word it would be greatly appreciated.


I'll warn you now that if you read the about story you will become enraged with the quality of care, or should I say lack of, that Christine's mother received.

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I went to the site and read the story because I had a similar experience with poor care of my father when he was ill.


begin rant and my story

Turned out it was terminal liver cancer, but was misdiagnosed a couple of times before that, first as dementia, then as hydrocephaly. Discharged from the hospital to home, then into a nursing home as he wasn't eating, etc. He was like a vegetable and nobody seemed to know why. Finally in the ICU at the highly praised Cleveland Clinic we were told they think it is cancer, not sure, but will have oncologist on duty speak to us after rounds. Nothing, nobody talked to us, then we were told they paged us (6+ family members were there) and nobody came. We finally caused a bit of a stir in ICU speaking to the man in charge. (Dad also had some family friends that were doctors there, we found one later and spilled our guts.)


my take on state of healthcare

Its pretty scary, if you have lots of money, or are young you may get treated pretty well. If you're older or poor, if they have trouble figuring out what is wrong they're not so good. And don't even start on the poor care in most nurshing homes. (My oldest brother is in one now in decling health with liver problems and dementia.) I understand most people in the health profession are good, but some are not and most are overworked and over burdened by complex systems, insurance and so forth.


If you're dealing with a serious health issue (any declining health of an elderly that cannot be explained counts) consider getting a health care advocate. We recently added this service to our benefits at my work, they had somebody from the program come in and talk to us. They explained their role, that they are all former medical professionals, they understand the jargon, procedures etc and can help you understand and speak on your behalf with doctors/nurses and are not emotionally attached. I thought how nice that would have been when Dad was sick. Its so hard for us as the loved one to handle it all, understand, ask the right questions, etc.


PS I will spread the word as much as I can and donate as well.

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