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Undroppable players that are droppable?


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Hey guys - I’m commish of a very small 8 team league. I have Alex Smith as my QB. Matt Ryan is on waivers. I tried to drop Smith and get him but Smith is apparently undroppable. I don’t want to drop anyone else as I have a small bench and a few injuries where the player will be back by Fantasy playoff time. Should I check with the league and change this rule if they give me the go-ahead? Or leave it as-is? This is annoying me, but I’m kinda leaning towards leaving well-enough alone

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It might be pretty shady to change the league rules in favor of you dropping Alex Smith.. 

You might just have to hold onto him, I probably would.. I dont like changing the rules as LM especially in the middle of the season.

Unless if people in your league are okay with it. But still, If i was your opponent - I would not be okay with it because I know that it will only benefit you in whatever way/thing you have planned. #strats


Plus that's weird that he is undroppable, was he your first or second round draft pick?

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Yeah, there is a setting. And being commish comes with a bit of a responsibility I think. If I wasn’t then I’d complain to the commish haha. And honestly, I’d change it for someone else.


       It’s not that dire of a situation anyway. I have a couple guys I could drop. I have a couple I’m  holding so my opponents don’t get them (Perine, Lewis). My brother actually texted me no more than 30 seconds after taking Perine to ask what I was doing. Apparently he was in the process of picking him up and it said he couldn’t. And since it was my brother, you can imagine I felt terrible :D;)

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