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Scheme Performance VS Skill(Leadership)Performance


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Saw were Hartwell signed with Atlanta and I have to agree with Sarge :bigshock: :D that he isn't/won't be worth that 26 mil...but it got me to thinking...


a player like hartwell is able to put up rescpectable numbers due to a multitude of reasons but do they possess the intangibles to go and do the same for those around them??


I am NOT KNOCKING anyones atlethic ability here just stating that it seems more often then not you see a player excell in a scheme with a supporting cast that maximizes their ability and then they dont live up to expectations when they go elsewhere...


I ask for your thoughts as well as any examples that support either side...if I wasnt eleqouent enough to get my point across if someone else has a handle on it feel free to take the reigns

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Of course the scheme has a big impact, especially on D, and so does the supporting cast. Here is why I think Hartwell will do well in Atlanta: He will have Brooking on his weak side, and he has two very good DE's as well. I figure most teams will run towards the strong side, away from Brooking, towards the new Falcon strong side LB, whether that turns out to be D Williams, Chris Drfat or Ike Reese. That should put Hartwell in a good postion to rack up plenty of tackles. While he played the inside in the Ravens 3-4 scheme, now he'll be in the middle, where he played in college in the 4-3. He says he feels more comforatble as an MLB, and feels it's his natural position. I expect to see his tackle and assist numbers go up.

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I'd say the %'s are far more in the negative impact area. Alot of players have switched teams over the years after having done well, and usually want to end up being the #1 guy because they weren't on thier own team. I rememeber Alvin Harper being a bust when went to Tampa. Morton hasn't done anything since leaving Detroit which surprised me, as here he caught a 1000 yds every year even with our so called qb's. I expected him to even do better in K.C. Price isn't getting the numbers he once did. I don't think Buress will either. Too often these guys think they're all that and refuse to take into account what's around them.

I think Stubblefield realized how much help he had with Bryant Young beside him after he left the 49's. I think Sapp was much better along side McFarland even though I can't stand Sapp. One exception in my mind seems to be Ted Washington, always seems to make everyone around him better. I'm sure theres 100's of players I've forgotten over the years but I stand by the fact I believe most do much worse compared to status quo or better. The ego's and/or money, override the ability to take into account the schemes, and players that made them what they actually are.

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