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  1. Yeah, I would hope they have a concrete idea of who their starter is going to be in the next several weeks. Are they splitting first team reps all through camp?
  2. If the Chargers o-line can stay healthy (LOL) I wouldn't sleep on them! Allen/Williams/T. Williams/Gates/Henry/Gordon could be one of the most potent offenses in the league. I think the Broncos are the odd man out this year, actually. That QB situation is a mess.
  3. Interesting....and young QB's tend to love checking down to their TE's. Anything more you can tell us about him, or the buzz coming from camp? Besides him being an athletic freak.
  4. I've been shouting at the top of my lungs that this guy is done for like the last 2 years. Fools gold. Oh, and I love Delanie Walker at that ADP. I'll probably be aiming for him again this year.
  5. I think he meant Pumphrey, who I think would actually be an awesome compliment to Zeke, but would still probably have the same effect as he'd most likely vulture several TD's. A situation that would remind me of Woodhead did to Gordon 2 years back. The more I think about this, I think Blount actually might have some great value depending on where his ADP is. Wentz has some good receivers to work with now, and the Eagles have a good line. I think Blount will probably put up some RB2 numbers this year and has good value mid-late 4th and on.
  6. Sad... and i know this is a Blount thread, but I was hoping to see Pumphrey land somewhere more attractive. I don't think i'll be touching anyone from this backfield.
  7. Cheat codes are already included.
  8. Laaaaaame.
  9. What an awful day for the Lloyd family and everyone else involved.
  10. Incredibly sad.. RIP
  11. I really hope he does bounce back to form, or at least has a few more decent years in the tank. I've always been a fan of him as a person, and admire his story.
  12. Crazy how times can change. 2 years removed from being a top 3 pick in essentially all formats. RIP!
  13. ...and probably not taking any offensive player on the Broncos. Their D/ST is the only one i'll consider.
  14. Not touching anyone in this backfield.
  15. Hard to really assess what his value will be, but I think his ADP will be a little too steep for me. I'd be interested in rounds 4 and on