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  1. Hard to really assess what his value will be, but I think his ADP will be a little too steep for me. I'd be interested in rounds 4 and on
  2. A true model owner, and a true model human being. The Rooney rule speaks volumes about his character
  3. Yeah, there's no way he gets 67 more rushing TD's by the end of his career. I'll gladly eat crow if he manages to pull that off
  4. ^LMAO
  5. So he comes back to visit with them and they get him on the cheap to match with Burkhead, Lewis, and White. Considering how White played in the Superbowl, and Garrapolo still around, I could see them trading high on these guys, or keep them all and have an offense that is impossible to read
  6. If AP remains a free agent come draft time, what round might you guys snag him as a potential home run lottery pick?
  7. Derppppppp, you're 100% right. The stadium has to be built first I guess they could throw a 1 year 'prove it' contract with him, as they can't sign him to anything past 2 years. I wonder if he'd even find it worth it if the team he wants to play for, in the city that he wants to play in, is gone in 3 years.
  8. I think these rumors can now quietly die as the Raiders are now moving to Las Vegas .. Can't see Lynch making the movie with the team.
  9. (Or AP for that matter) A nice power back to compliment Riddick and Abdullah.
  10. I think a team like the Lions should take a long look at Blount.
  11. I'm still not sold on Lockett. He was supposed to have his breakout year last year and people overpaid way too much only to get burned. Seattle doesn't have a great passing game and I don't think it can feed another mouth outside of Baldwin and Graham. I'll gladly eat crow if i'm wrong!
  12. After going to the media last year about not getting enough looks i'm sure he pissed off enough of the staff and put a target on his back. With the emergence of Thomas and the fact that Brees already spreads the ball enough as is, he's probably not worth the headache and/or contract extension
  13. Yeah, I think you guys may be right. I just can't wrap my head around the notion of talking like that when you weren't the one who knocked them out, haha. So lame.
  14. Uhhh, PPR or Standard? IMO, there is no other choice besides Howard, Hilton, and Nelson.