Ertz officially safe to drop

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6 hours ago, LordOpie said:

who benched Ertz today?

Maybe you shouldn't play FF :yay:


Not me. I only run one TE all year so he's in until the wheels come off.

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I benched him in favor of Robby Anderson in my WR/TE league.  Ooops.

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I was hopeful that getting DeSean Jackson would open things up for him.  Jackson WAS back, but only played the first quarter.


Looks like they just went back to what worked between QB and TE in the past.


Hoping this continues.


If you dropped him in a league where you have deep benches, you're a moran. 

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On 10/29/2019 at 7:46 PM, LordOpie said:

yup. Big John took a hit of the Big Pipe.

Even better some guys actually outright cut him, I guess they play in 4 team leagues where plenty of top TEs are on waivers.


As an owner for a few years, using one of my 5 keeper slots for Ertz I've been as frustrated as anybody else. He's had lots of bad games, but I'm not sure he's as bad as people were letting on. His catch rate is above 60%, not sure how many of the approx 30 targets he failed to catch are considered drops, but those are not official stats so every source can make up their own numbers. 


He's had several games this year (weeks 2, 3, 6, 7, 8) where he only caught about half the targets, then others where he caught 70-80% or better (1,4,5,9). Targets are down a bit (8.3 vs. 9.75) from last year, but the TDs are way down with just 2 in 8 games vs 8 total last year. His catch rate is also down from last year, but that was also a career year for him, 2016 was close but his average is around 68% (not the outliers of 74 and 61 the prior 2 years). 


Glad he started to do well again, not that it helps me win games. YTD he's 5th in scoring in my league, maybe a few spots below that prior to last week (most TEs in the top 15 did very little in week 9).

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