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we have ten team league; basic scoring (NO pts for receptions). 2 franchise players are kept. IF you keep same from one position (2 backs), cant draft RB in first round. Have NINTH pick in round one. So, by keeping 2 players, really picking 29th...I can keep two of the following, any combo. LEANING towards keeping two backs, as tough to get good back wiith ninth pick:


Edge James

Cadillac Williams

Ronnie Brown

Steve Smith


thinking Caddy and Brown; both should do well, young....Tough to let Edge (and Steve Smith) go, but if keep Smith, not sure get good back ninth pick. Followig will be franchised: LJ, LT, Alexander, Tiki, Steve Jackson, Domanick Davis, Rudi J, Lamont Jordan, Portis,


Any thoughts will be great. Unfortunately, round two doesn't serpentine yet, based on how finished. so, ninth pick first round; 8th pick second round, then 3rd pick 3rd round...Tough picks

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Easily you let Smith go with this setup.


Then take whichever of those 3 backs you think will do the best. Most people have them ranked very closely together, so just go for whichever two you personally prefer. I would be very happy to be able to start with eitehr of those two backs. With Brown and Caddy you risk the "sophomore slump" with Edge he is a bit older and on a new team, but that won't likely slow him much.

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I would keep Edge and Brown. But like big country said you really can't go wrong with any of the three RB's.


Now I have a different idea if you have any idea of what other teams are keeping. If other teams are keeping 2 rb's each and they cannot draft a RB in the first round and you are the only team that can do that I would consider keeping Brown or Edge and then keeping Steve Smith. It all depends on what you know, or can find out, about who is keeping what.


Any chance you can trade 2 of the 4 for someone like an LT or even Portis?

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Thanks for the feedback; I appreciate it. MOST teams are keeping a back and qb or receiver. So, my thought is by time i pick ninth, MOST good backs will be gone....Feel that Smith is a stud, but may have better chance of getting good receiver (Boldin, Moss, Ward, etc), then good back...

One thing that 'scares' me a bit about Caddy is Alstott stealing the goal line tds....

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Thats what im thinking. Yes, Edge may end up with more tds....but....AZ O line is bad...they have boldin..fitz...good tight end...Think Caddy, Brown and edge will be close. IF kept Smith and one of them, wont be able to get the other back with ninth pick....but looking how other teams will be picking, should be able to get...Randy Moss...Santana Moss...Hines Ward...maybe Driver ...?

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Thanks for input....Comes down to: Does Caddy give up TD's to Alstott, but still posts decent numbers? And CAN Edge produce behind that O Line in AZ (think they only had one or two rushing TDs all season long...!)


IF I gamble and keep Smith and Brown, probably looking at a back like Dillon...maybe Julius Jones....jamal lewis...Deuce McAllister....dont have to decide til 8/27, so a lot could happen...someone could get hurt, shine in camp, etc..



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