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The problem with futbol (soccer)

Pope Flick

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there are things about every sport to dislike.


I dislike the diving by soccer players. It detracts from the game and it detracts from the player.


I dislike a game being decided on shots from the penalty spot. I'd much rather that after the 30 min overtime, it became sudden death until a team scored. I think we'd see a lot less clogging up the goal on defense if each team knew that the only way to win was to put the ball in the back of the net.


I dislike how some PKs are awarded.


But I love to watch (and play, and coach) soccer. As I've mentioned before, I really believe that soccer is best enjoyed in the stadium as it is easier to sees plays develop. A well-played, offensive game can still end up being 0-0, and I'm okay with that. I like the strategies utilized. I like that a team only gets 3 subs for the entire game. I like that when players commit serious fouls, they get thrown out and the team cannot sub in for them. One of the greatest sporting events in my life was when I saw Tottenham play Arsenal in Wembley Stadium.


And deep down I'm pretty sure that those of you who rip on soccer, calling it metrosexual, etc., know that if you got on the soccer pitch with all 150 lbs of me, I'd make you look silly.


Well said. Those that think the sport is for sissies would be very surprised by how hard it really is. Having a set of cleats rammed into your leg is an experience that really focusses the mind.


The sudden death thing would work well if, every two minutes, each team had to remove a player. Otherwise, a game could potentially go forever.

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