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Pick TWO QBs


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Standard scoring, 1 point per 60 yards passing, 1 point per 20 rushing, 5 per TD thrown. NO negatives for fumbles, INTs, etc.


My options are not good:


Favre @ SF

McNair @ KC

Carr v TEN

Rivers v DEN


I am playing against Andre Johnson, that has me leaning towards Carr as one starter :D


Help a brother out!

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Farve and McNair.


Both should have good games and be involved in potentially high scoring affairs.


Carr is just too umpredicatable right now and Tenn is too hot to start against.


I would go with Rivers before Carr. If Denver shuts LT down, RIvers will have to throw and remember that Indy did light Denver up with passing. I know Rivers is no Manning, but the potential in the game is there.

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All have risks, but on paper Favre and Carr have the best matchups. I doubt very much that Denver can shut LT down and force Rivers to pass; I expect them to have some success against LT but for the game to be low-scoring in general. I expect KC to come out doing real well after falling apart last week; both teams in that game will attempt to run the ball a lot.


Please see mine at http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=189576

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Wow, the replies are over the place...just like I have been the last couple days.


My thoughts:


I don't see Denver shutting down LT


McNair will have to throw a lot.


The SF D is pretty good at home and the Packers have been slumping BADLY


Carr is impossible to predict, though I am facing Andre Johnson...it would be nice to clip his points should he catch a TD.

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