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Am I Superbowl Bound?


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OK I am up 23 points and once the game starts I wil be up by 8 points because he has Chicago's D.


I still Have Gould and Holt though.


You guys still think I win?



You look solid unless Gould decides to throw a couple of interceptions and Holts fumbles a couple of times on WR screen plays. Good luck in the SB.

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You are about in my situation.I am up 37 and my opponent has the Bears defense.I like my chances but until the game is over I am not going to be comfortable.If there has ever been a defense that can put up numbers like a stud RB it is the Bears.Feel confident but do not be surprised if the unthinkable happens and the Bears put up 38-40 points vs.a Rams team that has been struggling as of late.Good luck I will be pulling for you.

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