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Pinner this, Mr. Childress!


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Rosters lock Thursday before the final regular season game. Chester is my RB2 and I'm the #1 seed going into the playoffs next week, but my formerly 10-0 team is scuffling after losing McNabb and Colston. TJones and MTurner are RB3 and RB4 and Benson seems to have all the momentum for Lovie's team right now. So, what do I do? Of course, I pick up Fason.


Did anyone hear any rumblings that Pinner would be the primary tailback with Chester on the shelf? I heard nothing that suggested it wasn't Fason's job. Here's hoping Gonzalez scores 3 times next week at SD.

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I, too, am in the #1 seed position with starters due Wed night before the thursday game. Any minny homers have any news about what will be happening to Chester next week? Will he be back to the starting lineup? Lineup is due in less than 3 days ;( so any info would be great.


Other than Chester, though, I do have LT/Ahman/J. Lewis, But LT and Chester have just been deadly for me week in and week out. I started the season 2-4 and finished 9-4 to take the #1 seed, so LT/Chester have led me to 7 straight wins with matt leinart at qb :D . its been a wild season for me. Like I said, any Chester updates would be greatly appreciated.

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