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To prepare two teams for the playoff stretch, I am thinking about backing up LT again, as I had all season (with TURNER), but in last couple weeks I dropped TURNER , when he was INACTIVE! My thinking is that , if SD clinches everything, POSSIBLY this week, SD may rest LT in my potential CHAMPIONSHIP games next week (week 16) !!!


The problem is though, is TURNER himself ready to be the back-up , with his hamstring issues ?? I thought he was ready to go here in week 14, but saw that PINNOCK (?) was LTs relief this week !!


So, for security sake, which RB should I try to pick up to back LT ----TURNER or PINNOCK ????? :D



Thanks for insight !!!

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I doubt LT sits.They are only one game up on Indy.If he rests at all it will be in week 17 IMO.He flat out said in his interview yesterday that he does not want to rest because they are very focused on home field throughout.I would say Turner but I do not even know what is wrong with him.Can you somehow get both?

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They are not going to rest until they lock up home field advantage. They are only one game up on indy and the Ravens have the tie breaker due to the win earlier in the season.


Look for LT to keep running his heart out until week 17. Turner tweaked his hamstring in late November. I would pick him back up as I would imagine he would be good to go around week 17.

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