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Bulger or Garcia


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Ok, facing tough matchup in 1st round of playoffs, as I'm facing SA and Willie Parker.


So which one do I start.


Bulger vs Oak - Did well last week, but really was playing from beind and not sure Bears Pass Def. is as good as Oak. He did look a little ginger getting up late last wee. One good shot and he could be out.


Garcia vs NYG - He is hot right now and making good decisions. He is throwing a lot of TDs with no TOs. Weinke shredded NYG last week, so Garcia should do better.


Thanks guys.

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Garcia should do well. He is playing smart right now (at least he is doing better than he did for my Lions last year :D )


But isn't Garcia due for a meltdown game? He's been overachieving the last few weeks that I just think he's due to throw 3 INTs and get sacked 4 times. Let's not forget this guy is 35 years old!

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