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Vick or Big Ben - WDIS?

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In the semi's and need my QB to put up serious points. Jackson is out and I started Branch in the rain over Henry. Is Big Ben going to have one of his 400 yard passing games, or is Vick going to have a 200 yard passing/100 yard rushing game? Ugh, any of the expert huddlers want to give me some last minute advice? I'd love to win this game and send this guy packing! Thanks!!!

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If there is one thing the Big Tuna is; he's smart!! The Falcons do not have a running game so they will force Vick to throw the ball, but will be ready for him to scramble and take off running. Even though Dallas will try and contain Vick, I still think he will break one or two good runs and go for about 35-50 rushing. He should throw the ball most of the day 30+ times if they can gain some first downs. I see Vick going for:


40 Rush

225 Pass

2 Tds


Big Ben has a bunch to prove and has a big chip being the defending superbowl QB. I just do not think that Pitt is that talented though, I see him going for about the same yards passing as Vick and 1-2 TD's. That said....I would go with Vick and hope that the couple times he gets into scramble mode, he make a big play.


i go Vick or the waiver wire this week.

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I'm here for ya... I'm thinking that Big Ben and Mcnair will be around the same numbers 200-230 with a TD maybe a shot for 2. However, I see Vick with about 160 pass yds and a TD but I think he rushes for 70-80 yds and maybe throws in a second TD probably rushing. In my league that would make Vick more valuable this week. Go with Vick!!

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I was watching a webcast from YAHOO, and those "experts" stated that they would bench Vick this week.




Wondering if those were the same experts that said STL would not make it past the Padres, and that they stood NO chance against the Mets, and NO WAY the National league will even win one against the Tigers......that's funny, "those experts" need to gain some trust back with me before I even look at what they say :D

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