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Verizon is hands down the most F'd Up company ever


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Cell Phone?


sorry i dont provide my employees with Cell Phones...the one working today doesnt have one...i contacted her thru the store next door


You have a schitty card processor then. Change them now, thats your own fault right there.


I use Quickbooks POS and I use Innovative which is owned by Intuit...sometimes proprietary software sucks...

thru Innovative I can have them set it up to push thru authorizations for up to 7 days...unfortunately that is reactionary and doesnt address the already missed sales....i am pretty sure you are talking about a floor level that you have that you dont need an authorization to push a cc sale thru...my rates with them are 1.59% & .19/trans which I am very happy with...and deposits are like clock work every 2 days(thurs hits on mon and Fri-Sun hit on tues)


This is getting bad enough where I would start demanding compensation. I think I would seriously consider just documenting everything, taking a temporary loss on all of the advertising with the current phone numbers, and completely and immeidately switch to a competent provider. Then go after them with an aggressive lawyer.


in talking with Presidential Complaints further compensation is forthcoming...


i just have never seen something so unreal in my 20ish yrs in retail

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Mind you I have only read thru page #2 of this post......


Believe me I empathize w/ you on this. These companies couldn't give a flying chit for your business or anyone else' for that matter. I just spent, today, 3+ hours on the phone w/ Comcrap! 3 disconnects, 1 re-route back thru the queue, 6 calls total! :D I may make a post about it, I may not (not worth the finger tip wear and tear), but I won't hijack your thread.

Good luck, but w/ these proprietary/pompous/monopolizing companies that our gubment allows (state & federal) your pissin' in the wind! NO, I'm not getting political here, the gubment has both parties well rep'd! :D


I hope you get resolve! :D



Edit for:

Sarge, I wish you the best! I mean that. I don't understand how going to Inja, Malayja, etc, can be cost effective, when I look at my phone bills and a 12 mile call for 1.5 hours costs me $9+ in off prime time???!!! :tup: I hope you find something better and quickly. Screw corporate America! But they get us first!

Czar, I wish your hubby the same. It's getting ugly, people, and I fear it will get worse! :doh:

Rant over.

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well how about that...they got everything working and back to normal and it only took them 2 weeks to get it fixed..


Store #1:

Phone Working? Check!

Correct Phone Number? Check!

DSL working? Check!


Store #2:

Phone Working? Check!

Local Phone Number Working? Check!

800# Working? Check!

DLS working? Check!


and to think I was told they couldnt get the DSL up and running prior to 6/25...then they said they would possibly be able to get it working(provisioned) by 6/20 at the earliest...but wow they completely exceeded my expectations and got it up and running 2 days earlier then what they stated....


on friday I got a call from one of their customer care survey employees...you know the ones that are generated automatically when you get new service...boy that was a fun call....i started out by asking the lady if she seriously wanted to talk to me...oh well now its time to call the directors office to see what sort of additional compensation I am going to be able to secure....


a quick synopsis for those that havent read the entire thread...


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so far I have recd $534 in credits and havent asked for any



Switch over to Comcast VoIP! They'll save you a ton of $$$$! :D

Congrats on your resolution and tenacity. :D

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