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My Draft Last Night


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So last night I had my snake draft. Its a 10 team buddy league but we play for real money. I got the third pick in the draft and was bummed because I have Larry Johnson in my keeper league and didnt want my whole season riding on LJ this year. So I was thinking about winging it with Sean Alexander or Gore. But, the semi-retarded owner in my league was picking 2nd and she (yes, she) picks LJ. Ka-Blam. Of course she is getting flamed by everyone because nobody wanted to see SJax slide to number 3.


It changed my entire strategy. Originally with LJ, Gore or Alexander (who all have question marks) I was going to be conservative and go RB, RB. But now I decided I could gamble a bit. So here is my draft, what do you think? Its a TE mandatory league with NO PPR!!!


1.03 S Jackson

2.08 Carson Palmer (big run on RBs right before)

3.03 Antonio Gates

4.08 Deuce McCaliister

5.03 Andre Johnson

6.08 Adrian Peterson

7.03 Santonio Holmes

8.08 Ladell Betts (snagging him right before retarded owner who has Portis. She wasnt happy)

9.03 Joey Galloway

10.08 Joey Porter

11.03 Brandon Marshall

12.08 Chester Taylor

13.03 Panthers D

14.08 Jeff Wilkins

15.03 Ben Rothlisberger


Thought I had a damn good draft. Its a 10 team league so everyone has good players. WRs arent as valuable as in some leagues because there is no PPR. Also, TD passes are worth 6 points (all TDs are 6 points). So QBs have a bit more value than usual (-2 for an INT also).


A little risky at RB but I thought SJax gives me the luxury to do that. I managed to get both Taylor and Peterson and Deuce should be solid for a number 2 RB. Betts is all upside and a decent plugin regardless.

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you could have done much better than palmer, gates, deuce. you waited too long for your RB2 and waited until the 5th to get your first WR. instead of thinking sjax gave you some kind of "luxury" you should have stuck to a more solid strategy to fill your RB/WR position spots. i'd be surprised if this team competes in a 10-team league.

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not a big fan of taking Palmer over a top-5 WR or taking Gates over a top-10 WR but I've seen it happen all the time.


Looks like must have been 10 or more WRs taken by the time you got to pick one so you don't have a stud. And must have been 20 RBs taken before you got your second.


With TEs only 10 will be drafted so you can get Cooley or Winslow or Gonzo (etc.) much later in the draft. I love Gates just never want to take him as early as he gets taken, I would take him at the end of the 3rd if no other studs were on the board, but you took him with the 23rd pick


You picked 2 and 3 round didn't pick a WR or RB which is the two positions where you run out of top players first.

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