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Job Search / Resume' Writing


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I am in a position that I can retire at any time. I have 27 years actually time on the job plus 4 years that I bought back. With 31 years and being 53 I can retire with full benefits. I will draw about 50% of my salary. This does not include taxes and a $400 monthly fee to give my wife survivor benefits. It makes sense to me to start looking for another job to increase my yearly salary. I do not like the direction we are heading right now with salaries being frozen, no more college tution being paid and have not had a cost of living in years.


I saw a job that I am well qualified for and would bring a lot to the company. It is another City / Gov job in North Carolina about 3 hours from my home. The pay scale is much higher than were I am and the cost of living is much better. It will mean relocating but my wife and I are for it. The thing is with the exception of in house interviews I have not had one or had to write a resume' in 27 years. I went on line and looked at some examples but there were different styles and I am not sure whats more widely accepted today. Do we have any HR persons out there?


Also, I could not accept the job at the "starting" salary. How much could you reasonably expect a company to raise your salary to start? Say, a job that paid $40,000 to $60,000. Could you reasonable ask for $50,000 if your job expierence could support it?


Its been a long time since I had to do this and would appreciate any help. :wacko:

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Is the $40-60 the range that they're allowed to pay per budget? If so, then if your experience said you deserve $50, then yeah, of course.


If you're saying that the industry pays that range, but the company/org only wants to pay $40 and have stated so, then I wouldn't waste their time. I'd ask them before I went in for an interview if they'd pay that if you could justify it.



I used that as an example of the starting pay and top out pay.

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yeah, I got that, but are you saying these are examples of what the industry pays or what this particular employer wants to pay?


In other words, if you want a salary outside the range that they want to pay, I'd either accept that it's not going to happen or ask them up front if they have the flexibility to go outside of budget.


The actual starting salary is $38,000 and the job tops out at $60,000. No way I would start at $38,000. With my expierence I was wanting to meet in the middle at $49,000. Is that unreasonable? I never had to negotiate a starting salary.

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First off, congrats on being retirement eligible. Well earned.


Definitely seek something in the 50-60k range since you are experienced. The lower end just to get the foot in the door in today's job search / economy isn't too low.


Resume style should probably be a combo of functional and chronological styles.


Suggested sections:

1. Objective

2. A hard hitting highlights section that defines your experience

3. chrono listing of jobs with brief summary of duties

4. education

5. major projects

6. supervision (if applicable)

7. awards won (rarely used, but shows your value to the company)

8. mention if you have any other qualifiers (security clearance, etc)


Obviously tailor your resume to the job description, using their verbiage. Many times, a computer is the first line of eliminating candidates. If you don't use their keywords, the computer will eliminate you right off the bat.


Can also add a cover letter that addresses how you meet the specific requirements of the position.

"Your requirements" vs "my qualifications" type table.

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Well, so far I have not received an interview for three the jobs that I applied. Right now I am being a little picky since I can afford to. I just saw a job opening for an Inspection Supervisor's job that I am well qualified for with a housing authority about 5 hours away. its a little farther than I want to move but will probably apply anyways. Who knows, they may make me an offer I can't refuse. Just wanted to get any more ideas / examples of resumes that some of you have used recently. Thanks :D


Go Panthers! :wacko:

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